Web Application Security Assessment

Total vulnerability assessment and patching (with approval of original license holder) provided with detailed report on the threat surfaces identified during the vulnerability assessment of the web application in scope

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Using OWASP Mobile Top 10 based vulnerability assessments, we rigorously test your mobile application across mobile devices. We believe in testing mobile apps on real devices, not just simulators.

Cloud Security

we provides multiple levels of controls within the network infrastructure in order to provide continuity and protection for cloud-based assets like high availability, data security, DDoS protection, regulatory compliance.

Training of Users

While we believe that 90% of the security operation can be provided by hardware & software means, to be greatly secure against threat mechanisms developed in future, training of all users of our client organizations is as vital as other measures.

Cyber forensic Investigation & Incident Response

We provide you with our Expertise to conduct a complete Forensic investigation pertaining to any cyber-attack or any incident response over the digital infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

It is often our first step for vulnerability assessments that include viewing the system elements, layouts and failure modes based on a known series of existing threats.

Monitoring & Security Operation Center

Extensive support for establishing & running security operation centre services via our SIEM protocols coupled with our own developed firewalls and HIDS, NIDS & HIPS systems.

Network Security

We offer to protect our clients’ networks from attack and unauthorized access by implementing safeguards that continually defend the network site perimeter, filter out unauthorized access and malicious content .

Hardware Sales

Infrastructure Management

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